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by Rossi Digital June 14, 2022

3 Factors to Consider in Identifying the Common Curl Types

Taking care of your hair includes getting to know it down to its roots. For people wanting to better know how to maintain their hair it helps to understand their hair type by identifying it based on a few factors. Curly hair is not only characterised by its physical characteristics but also by what happens in every strand. But what factors should people consider in identifying the common curl types? Here are some ideas.

1. Curl Shapes

Learning to identify the various curl shapes is one of the first steps in knowing how to maintain your curls. From wavy to spiral to tight corkscrews, these curls can be anything from straight to wild.

a. Ribbons

Ribbon curls are found in thick, fragile rings. They look as if small braids are wrapped around the hair. While they can be thick, these curls tend to be weak. Therefore, it is essential to keep them moisturised and hydrated for stronger hair that can hold the shape.

b. Waves

While waves can look similar to spirals, there are some differences in the shapes of each. Waves are broader and looser, making the curls much less defined. Locks can be further categorised into loose and tight waves, depending on their proximity.

c. Coils

Coiled curls are spiral curls that naturally form without irons or gels. These can look like thick coils but are usually looser and not as tight as spiral curls. These can be more difficult to manage, primarily if you use a hot iron.

d. Bends

Bended curls do not stand out much but instead circle the head. These curls can be spiral but are not as tight. These curls are difficult to manage because they are soft and tend to break.

2. Density

The amount of hair in the curl pattern is also essential to maintaining curls. Some curls are packed with hair, while others are pretty thin.

a. Thicker

Thicker curls tend to be tighter, making them even harder to maintain. They can be difficult to hydrate and keep hydrated because they absorb more moisture and can be more prone to dryness or breakage. These curls are also harder to get to look smooth.

b. Thin

Thin curls are more common but can be harder to maintain. Light circles tend to be frizzy and hard to get to lay in the shape that a person wants. These curls can be easily dehydrated and require more moisture to smooth out the kinks and keep them in place.

3. Texture

The texture is how the hair feels—whether soft and smooth or rough and coarse, knowing how to maintain curls can differ depending on the hair's surface.

a. Soft

Soft curls are usually easy to manage but can be prone to frizz. These curls require less time to define and hold the rings. They also smooth out quickly.

b. Rough

Rough curls are less common but can be harder to maintain. These curls can easily break, so protecting them from damage is essential. They can also be more prone to frizz.

c. Coarse

Coarse curls can be kinky and are often less manageable. If the hair is very rough, it can be challenging for these curls to hold a curl without the help of products.

d. Kinky

Kinky curls are tightly packed, one reason they are more prone to breakage. These are often harder to define and to keep hydrated.


Knowing the physical characteristics of your hair and the curl pattern helps you learn how to maintain curls. In addition to knowing if your rings are more delicate or if they are coarse, understanding your hair type can help you keep your hair healthy and looking good.

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