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by Rossi Digital June 28, 2022

What to Know About Dealing with Excessive Hair Breakage

Bad hair days are the stuff of everyone's worst nightmares. Fashion forward haircuts and on trend hair colours may appear stunning, but creativity isn't always a positive experience. Hair still breaking even if you've tried different treatments and style techniques? Look into the main cause of the problem and check for other solutions!

Several considerations must be made when dealing with excessive hair breakage. Knowing more about this issue can definitely make handling breakage easier. In the following, we discuss what you need to know when dealing with excessive hair breakage.

What Is Excessive Hair Breakage?

Excessive hair breakage is usually marked by the appearance of short, thin and fragile hair strands. The hair breaks or falls out easily after being washed and styled. In addition, the hair becomes weak and brittle.

What Causes Excessive Hair Breakage?

There are plenty of reasons that the hair might start to show signs of dullness and breakage, so it's best to narrow down these factors and see if there is anything evident in your day-to-day life that could be the culprit. Here are some examples to look out for:

  • Weather

Weather can cause excessive hair breakage. This is when the environment and other external elements contribute to hair dullness. Extreme weather conditions and environmental pollution can both contribute to it. The hair becomes dry, brittle, and unable to grow.

  • Mechanical Hair Damage

Mechanical damage may appear to be harmless because only a few strands of hair have  been lost, but it is still a significant issue. If you have been pulling at your hair or excessively scratching at your scalp, hair will be more prone to breaking. When you tug your hair the roots become more fragile and breakable.

  • Chemical Hair Damage

Chemical damage occurs when hair is over processed or the wrong approach has been taken when colouring your hair. Often going from dark to light and then back again, can cause hair to become weak and brittle causing breakage.

What Can Treat Excessive Hair Breakage?

While hair breakage can seem difficult to deal with it's important to recognise that with the right treatment and future prevention it is possible to save your locks. Here are a number of useful hair tips to help you treat excessive breakage:

  • Use Conditioners and Masks

Conditioners and masks can make hair less prone to breakage by providing vitamins, minerals, and proteins to nourish and  improve the health of your hair. Try applying product to your hair and then wrapping hair with a warm towel to facilitate the process and add moisture.

  • Avoid Blow-Drying and Overbrushing

After washing your hair, avoid over-brushing or blow drying. Excess moisture in hair can cause hair follicles to swell which makes the hair more fragile. This may lead to hair breaking more quickly. In addition, when hair is over styled with heat  it can make the hair dry and brittle.

  • Protect Hair When Outside

Protect your hair if you are outside during the day to avoid significant breakage. Consider using a headscarf, it helps prevent exposing your hair to the elements. Worked for Grace Kelly riding in her convertible! Be wary in winter of warm and fuzzy woolens. Friction from removing beanies on and off can also lead to hair damage when you least expect it. 


Discovering the main causes of the problem will make such a task much easier, especially when you keep the above information in mind. Excessive hair breakage can be dealt with if you know the right treatment. 

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