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haircare tips to help avoid getting sun damage

by Rossi Digital July 26, 2022

5 Easy Haircare Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. If you want to maintain healthy hair while enjoying the sun this season, try these stylist-recommended tips to prevent sun damage.

If you don’t use a hair product with SPF protection, you might find yourself with sun damage that makes your hair dry and more fragile. In this guide, we'll go over some helpful haircare tips to protect your locks.

1) Avoid Going Out at the Hottest Time of the Day

It may not seem like a big deal to go out to the beach in the afternoon, but it’s at this time that the sun is at its hottest, and the rays are at their most damaging.

The hotter the sun, the higher the potential damage to hair. The heat can cause the hair to dry out more quickly, which makes it brittle and more susceptible to damage.

It also causes hair to frizz, which can lead to split ends and breakage.

2) Use a Hat or Scarf

Protecting your hair from the sun isn’t just about not going out in the middle of the day. It may seem like a no-brainer, but a hat or scarf can really help prevent hair from getting sun damage.

Some hats are even made with UV protection, but if you don’t want to wear a hat or are worried about looking silly, a scarf is a good alternative. Wearing a hat or scarf has the added benefit of protecting your face, neck, and shoulders from burning.

3) Buy Hair Products With SPF

Many hair brands have started to include SPF protection in their products. These products work by preventing sun damage and preventing UV rays from causing your hair to dry out.

When you’re shopping for a new hair product check the label to make sure it has SPF protection. This way, your hair can reap the benefits of the protection without you having to worry about getting sun damage.

4) Don't Expose Your Hair to Too Many Chemicals

If you plan on going to the pool, there are ways to minimise how much chlorine and chemicals penetrate your hair to prevent hair drying out. The best way is to wet your hair first in clean water, before getting into the pool. Think of your hair as a sponge. The drier it is to begin with, the more room there is for pool water to penetrate. By jumping in the pool with pre-wet hair, there is less space for the pool water to absorb! Another great tip is to make sure you rinse your hair with fresh clean water as soon as you get out of the pool, or the salt water at the beach. This way if your hair doesn't have a chance to dry with the chlorine or salt locked in it - it will be easier to shampoo out and no residue will be left, meaning less damage caused! This will help your hair look as healthy as possible while you’re enjoying the sun.

5) Avoid Too Much Heat Damage

Another important point is that hot summer weather makes it easy to go overboard with heat damage. Warmer weather and hot summer months means lots of events, parties and places to go. While it's important to get your hair straightened or curled to fit the season, you shouldn't overdo it. It’s easy to go overboard with heat damage.

Too much heat can cause hair to dry out and break, which can lead to split ends, brittleness, and breakage. Using a heat protectant before you straighten or curl hair in the summer can be a great way to prevent heat damage.


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