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k18hair best care product to avoid frizz during rainy season

by Rossi Digital August 02, 2022

Recommended Hair Care to Avoid Frizz During the Rainy Season

The rainy season can be a delightful time for some people especially with the sounds and smell that such months offer. Rainfall and the constant change in weather that are apparent during this season can be quite tough to deal with, especially when it comes to your lovely locks.

The humidity can make your hair frizzy and difficult to manage. It’s not all doom and gloom, the rainy season is the perfect time to give your hair some extra love and care. There are a couple of haircare steps that you can do to help avoid frizz and keep your locks looking their best, after all.

Here are a few recommended hair care tips to help avoid frizz during the rainy season:

Recommended Hair Cuts

If you cant beat it - make it work for you - getting your haircut to suit the texture of your hair is a game changer - not only does it take the stress out of styling, it keeps you looking good for longer because you are not having to over style your hair to force it to do something, it doesn't naturally want to do.

The pixie cut is a cute hairstyle that is perfect for those with more flyaway prone hair. It involves short layers that help to reduce the appearance of frizz and gives your hair texture. The bob is another classic look that can give your hair movement and definition.

Recommended Hair Styles

Bun or ponytail can often be frizzy hair's best friend! Or try a  low fuss wave that involves no heat styling, or braiding damp hair before bed and sleeping with a silk scarf over the pillow helps add a lived in wave and can flatten out unwanted frizz.

Just remember to prep and finish with an  aftercare product when blow drying hair. Try to find an anti-frizz hair product that can hydrate and moisturise.

Recommended Hair Treatment

If you have frizzy hair, you know the struggle of trying to keep it under control. The humidity in the air during the rainy season can make frizz even worse. A good anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner will help to control the amount of frizz in your hair.

Try a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will help in hydrating your hair and keep it from becoming too dry and brittle, which can lead to frizz. For best results look for products that contain peptides.

Recommended Hair Protection

To keep your hair in its absolute best condition, it is important to protect it from different elements. Wind during the rainy season can also cause damage to hair making it more likely to become tangled and frizzy.


In conclusion, if you want to avoid frizzy hair during the rainy season we recommend a good haircut and style, along with product treatments and protection precautions. Take these tips and keep your hair fab and frizz-free.

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