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5 Best Practices for Healthy Hair

by Rossi Digital June 14, 2022

5 Best Practices for Healthy Hair

One of the best ways to change someone’s look is by changing their hair. At first, it might seem like a quick fix and a confidence boost but most hair styling techniques or processes can cause severe damage to the strands—making the hair’s texture rough, frizzy, and sometimes dry. Therefore, it’s vital to have the hair treated after your salon service and to continue with the right haircare maintenance. But how do you get the best results after your hair treatments? Here are some ideas.

1. Keep it Clean

 Start with super clean hair before applying a treatment. Styling products especially those containing silicon can build up over time coating the hair strand. This coating can prevent the K18Peptide from penetrating the cuticle and reaching the innermost layers of the hair, reducing the results you can achieve with the K18 mask. It’s really important to use a deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo (preferably the new K18 PEPTIDE PREP pH maintenance shampoo) to prep your hair. This will achieve the best results. When using the K18 mask, we recommend you skip the conditioner as it is designed as a leave-in product.

2. Don’t Forget to Detangle

Hair detangling is one of the most vital parts of hair treatment as it helps hair strands take in conditioner and other products faster. Our hot tip, comb hair using a wide tooth comb. We don’t want any knots preventing a product from targeting hair evenly. After hair is well combed out, section the hair into smaller parts so the product can reach every strand possible. Fair warning, if you skip the detangling step your hair could become brittle or break leaving you with more damaged.

3. Focus on the Mid-Length and Ends

The mid-length and ends of hair are the areas that are more prone to breakage and damage. When hair experts give a hair treatment, they always focus on the mid-lengths and ends to keep the hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. It is the best way to avoid dry, frizzy, and rough hair.

4. Practice Patience in Applying the Product

Hair treatments can be overwhelming, especially when people are trying something new. The way you apply the hair treatment is vital in getting the best results. Apply product to hair in sections, use a wide tooth comb to work product through evenly (avoid tugging or pulling your hair with your hands to remove knots). Most importantly, the K18 mask is designed to leave in for four minutes before styling. Amazing, all it takes is four minutes to repair hair. That’s one really good rendition of your fav song in the bathroom. Enjoy the process of treating your hair, make it a weekly ritual and you will have the best quality hair. Patience is a virtue, rushing or being rough on your hair when applying the product may cause unnecessary damage. Take a little ‘me’ time.

5. Never Skip Conditioning

It is easy to forget about conditioning  and to focus on other hair treatments for maintenance. Conditioning is still essential in hair treatment as it helps keep the hair from getting dry, frizzy, and damaged. It is vitally important for people not to skip the conditioning step. Consult your hair stylist - they’ll be able to give you the right recommendation for the best conditioning product according to your hair type.


You’ve changed your look and left the salon smiling but it is easy to forget the after care needed to protect your gorgeous new hair..  Keep in mind these steps are vital  to maintaining healthy hair that looks great. Who wouldn’t agree that great hair leaves you feeling great? It’s more than just beauty. K18 is a clinically-proven salon hair care brand in Australia designed to reverse hair damage in minutes! The molecular breakthrough in K18 hair care treatment products enhances the hair in 4 minutes replenishing lost nutrients. Using the best hair mask in Australia as needed should revitalise your hair, from root to tip. Browse our website today and learn more about the benefits of using K18 today.

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