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hair product designed to repair the inner cortex

by Rossi Digital May 31, 2022

Why Using More Products Does Not Make Your Hair Better

You've tried everything with no success. You're desperate to fix your damaged hair. Tempted by that bottle or jar on your shelf . You reach out, hoping you’ve found the answer.. You think, adding one more product to your hair might work this time, maybe two more products? What's the harm in trying? But you might want to think twice. This article addresses  how to return hair back to its healthy state and  the cause of damage.

What's in Hair?

The part of the hair that you see on your head, making up your glorious mane, is referred to as the hair shaft. It is made up of a tough protein called keratin. 

The hair shaft is compromised of three different layers: the medullar (innermost layer), the cortex (middle layer) and the cuticle (outer layer).

The cortex comprises the majority of the hair shaft. The cortex is responsible for hair's elasticity, shape and structure. 

The cuticle is made up of eight to ten layers of overlapping cells and protects the cortex. The cuticle is what gives hair its shine and texture. 

The cortex and cuticle both get damaged with chemical treatments and excess heat causing hair to become extremely dry and damaged.

Damage to the Outer Layer - The Cortex

The cortex (the outermost layer of hair) is easily damaged by frequent or improper daily hair care routines -  brushing/combing, washing and blow drying. It is further damaged by environmental factors- exposure to water, pollution, UV rays, and varying climatic conditions. The result of this damage is limp, lack lustre  hair and a weakened cortex.

Hair that has been damaged by chemical services like bleaching, colouring, perms, and straightening treatments loses its strength altering the shape and elasticity of the hair. 

The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to work on repairing the cuticle (outermost layer) and the cortex (inner layer). It’s essential!

How Products Work

less hair product is more

You've used many hair products in the past and continue to use them now. But do you know how they work? Here are some examples.

  • Hair Conditioners

Conventional hair styling and conditioning products smooth the hair's outer appearance by attaching to the cuticle or filling in gaps between overlapping cells. This sounds great but is only temporary because the styling agents are washed away with shampoo. This is a quick fix because the cuticle remains damaged beneath the surface. Without continuous use of these products hair will return to its original state after a few washes.

  • Hair Rebonding Products

Traditional hair treatments use water-soluble polymers to attach themselves to the hair's cortex but, they don't address the hair's core structure. This forces the hair to break again, leading to increased damage and loss of elasticity.

Strong hair comes from the inside, from a healthy cortex. Remember how we talked about the cortex being made up of keratin proteins? Well, it makes sense that damaged keratin in the cortex prevents hair from being strong. Conditioners or rebonding products do not repair this damage. To repair the cortex, which restores the strength of hair, these products need to be able to get to the inside of the keratin fibres.

The K18Peptide™—Hair Care’s Newest Solution

The K18Peptide™ product was designed to repair the inner cortex and contains chains of amino acids that share the best matching sequence with the hair protein keratin. It is explicitly designed to fit in the cortex and renew its strength.

K18 is the only official distributor of K18Peptide™—the molecular breakthrough haircare was waiting for.  After a decade of research, we discovered one unique sequence unlocking the science to bring strands damaged from chemical services and thermal/mechanical styling back to their original, youthful state. Patented K18 is not just a temporary fix—it’s the first product to utilise biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains once broken by bleach, colour, and chemical services, resulting in soft, smooth, strong hair with bounce that feels like new. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results. Experience the K18 hair treatment and see reversed damage in just four minutes!

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