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*PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo

Retail size of our pH-optimized cleansing shampoo formulated with K18PEPTIDE™

A color-safe, pH-optimized shampoo with K18PEPTIDE™ to effectively cleanse while maintaining hair health for hair that feels strong, smooth, and healthy.


said hair feels healthier, smoother, and does not feel weighed down

*result observed on 35 people after 21 days

the PEPTIDE PREP™ difference

engineered for the most effective clean

how to use the oil how to use the oil + K18 mask together


Learn why PRO stylist Amber Maynard Bolt trusts detox shampoo to create a clean canvas prepped for maximum damage repair with the K18 PRO service.

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will the detox shampoo dry my client’s hair out?

Intentional + purposeful formulation removes buildup without stripping or leaving buildup behind (no fillers). In a consumer study, 90%* said hair feels clean without feeling dry. *results observed on 38 people after 10 days.

will the detox shampoo strip my client’s color?

This purposeful formulation is engineered to clean effectively without messing with your client’s color.

when do I use the detox shampoo?

Engineered for less frequent heavy duty washing. Perfect for prep ahead of texture services or a clean slate before K18 treatments or haircuts/styling.

does it work with K18 PRO service?

Yes! These were created to fuel your client’s cleanest canvas for a healthy hair base, making every K18 application a hair-health changing experience.

why are the PEPTIDE PREP™ shampoos different?

Optimized with ideal pH for the hair + scalp environment, only 18 ingredients, no fillers, and the K18PEPTIDE™ to nourish hair while removing buildup, these shampoos are engineered to deliver a superior clean without stripping color or messing with hair + scalp balance. Whether you’re looking for an effective + gentle regular cleanse or a heavy-duty detox—these are the only 2 shampoos you need at the backbar.

pH-optimized formulas

Engineered with optimized pH ranges to maintain hair + scalp equilibrium, protecting color + moisture levels no matter the intensity of your wash.


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